Hiking becomes difficult in the winter because the trails are covered in snow and ice. To hike safely on icy and snowy trails, you’ll need winter hiking gear, the two most important of which are crampons and an ice axe. While crampons provide traction, an ice axe can help you stop a fall if you slip on icy terrain. In this article, I have extracted from my experience, the best Ice Axe for ice climbing. I have selected and reviewed the best gears required for hiking, glacier traveling, and general mountaineering.

It can be difficult to know which ice axe to choose for your specific needs, so I’ve compiled a list of my favorites.

The reviews highlight my personal top picks for the best overall, the best budget-friendly options, the best for vertical climbing, the lightest, and more.

1. Petzl Summit Evo

The Petzl Summit Evo is incredibly light while also being extremely strong and high-quality. The shaft’s upper section is curved, providing excellent clearance on steep, icy terrain, while the lower section is more straight, allowing you to dig into the snow.

The ice axe‘s head has been forged and well-balanced to ensure good anchoring, and the thin pick is toothed at the tip to bite into hard snow and ice that is thicker in the center to anchor in soft snow.

Petzl Summit Evo

U14B 052 Summit Evo 52 LowRes | Best Ice Axe for Ice Climbing Reviews

Key Features:

  • Steel Adze
  • Head and spike equipped for carabiner/sling
  • Thin pick end
  • CEN B-rated

2. Black Diamond Venom Adze

The Black Diamond Venom Adze’s adjustability allows it to conquer a variety of mountain missions, earning it the title of most versatile.

The stainless-steel head is interchangeable and compatible with any Black Diamond pick, and the adze is sharp enough to cut ice.

3. Petzl Quark Ice Tool

The Petzl Quark Ice Tool features an aggressive pick for stable placements and a balanced hammer with a smooth swing, making it ideal for vertical climbs.

The Cascade pick is beveled to make it easier to remove from ice, and its tapered tip can penetrate all types of ice. The shape of the pick allows for consistent hooking on both rock and ice.

The curved shaft provides excellent clearance – with smooth swinging and solid placements – while the ergonomic handles and lack of leashes help forearm stamina on steep ice.

The short steel spike at the end of the shaft provides walking traction, and the axe’s grip is excellent and easily available at

4. CAMP Corsa Ice Axe

Rumored to be the lightest ice axe in the world, the CAMP Corsa Ice Axe only weighs 202g at its shortest length – less than half the weight of an average ice axe.

The ice axe’s lightweight is due to its all-aluminum construction. Durability and dependability are also provided by the 7075-series aluminum.

With a neutral tip that aggressively penetrates ice and an adze to chop it, the hot-forged head shape is comfortable to grip and plunge.

The shaft is designed for great precision, and the spike has a rivet at the end that stops snow from clogging inside the shaft.

5. Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe

The Black Diamond Raven has a simple design with a long pick that bites into snow and ice and a wide grip area, making it easy to carry and secure in the holder’s hands.

It has an excellent swing for chopping steps and is ideal for lower-angled terrain, traverses, and glissading. The 7075-aluminum shaft reduces weight without sacrificing strength, and the stainless-steel head and spike are weather- and rust-resistant. This piece is highly used among intermediate and advanced climbers and easily available at

The weight, length, and material of an ice axe are the main features to determine the best suitable axe for you. To ensure safety and a smooth expedition, you must carry quality gear. Refer to the above best choices in ice axes for your ice travels.

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